Krampus and Devil Bump Chenille DIY

Welcome to my first post on the new blog! It's not fancy, but I wanted to post this DIY in a place where I can get more in depth than on Instagram. I posted a video of my Santa vs Devil tree in my stories a while back and was asked if I would do a DIY on how I made my little bump chenille devils. They're super easy and anyone can do them in bed with their cats locked out. Cats love pipe cleaners, so craft with cats at your own risk! I made these last year when I first did a larger scale Santa vs Devil theme, but didn't have many devils besides my Kamar knee hugger. They are inspired by a vintage Santa pipe cleaner craft that someone made back in the day, which I would eventually find at an estate sale many decades later. This was originally a craft that I did just for myself. I used vintage images that I found on the internet and I don't own any of them. I've created a file to share with you so that you can easily print them out and craft along, but this is fo
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